Over the years I have worked with lots of women who need donor eggs to achieve their dream of a family.  In every case, these women have been through multiple rounds of IVF – rounds which often fail to produce many (sometimes any) eggs or if they do, the eggs are not great quality.  If a pregnancy results, it often does not progress.  Heartbreaking.  The choice to go with a donor is not always an easy one to contemplate at first but once couples have made the decision it can be a huge relief.  Acupuncture can add much in the way of emotional support and comfort to women going through IVF with donor eggs.  This is because with acupuncture we always pay very close attention to the emotional wellbeing of patients and recognise the very real and important connection between the heart and the womb.

As a foodstuff, eggs are very nutritious and yin building – this means they are very good for our own eggs – so in acknowledgement of World Egg Day, and to salute all the women out there, donors and recipients alike,  crack one open!