When you’re trying to conceive and not getting anywhere, you can reach a point where you simply don’t know what direction to go in next.  Do you keep TTC naturally?  Try Clomid? Consider IVF? There are a bewildering array of fertility choices and sometimes this can cause us to feel confused and uncertain.  I have worked with women who have attended pretty much every fertility clinic in the South East and have lots of knowledge and experience to pass on about their insights and journeys.  I am also up to date with all the advances in fertility care and can be an impartial other – many of my patients find this tremendously helpful.   And when it comes to acupuncture, I look very closely at not just your fertility but your health and lifestyle and use this information to form a bespoke treatment plan just for YOU.  I always make sure that we are not just focused on the physical self but the emotional self too.  I know how difficult infertility can be and I have yet to meet a woman or couple who would not benefit from some emotional TLC on their conception journey.

So, if you feel at a crossroads with your baby making, give me a call and I can show you how acupuncture can help point you in the right direction.