The Rejuvenating Facelift Massage is a unique combination of relaxation with anti-ageing lifting effects.

Each treatment is completely bespoke and focuses on the face, neck, shoulders, décolletage and scalp to produce deep restorative effect for the whole body and mind. Our talented therapist Irina, uses most advanced facial massage techniques to stimulate the skin and facial muscles, to smooth and and strengthen the nervous system.

  • Sculptural face massage techniques with activation of specific acupressure points to promote increased oxygenation of muscular cells, enhanced muscle tone and greater ELASTICITY.
  • Intra oral (buccal) massage of the lower facial muscles helps to release tension related to stress, and promote the natural action of collagen and elastin to give a visible LIFTING effect.  (Note, this type of massage always performed in gloves)
  • Lymphatic drainage face massage stimulates lymph flow and drains toxins to reveal the FRESHNESS of the skin. As a result the skin appears even brighter and more toned, glowing and radiant.

This anti-aging treatment rejuvenates every cell of the face and is a safe, healthy, natural alternative to Botox, threads and injections.

One of the the most important aspects about The Rejuvenating Facelift Massage is that it offers tangible, positive effects on mental health;  in particular calming the nervous system to enable emotional release, and promote a wonderful uplifted feeling.

Face massage is a fabulous, natural way relax, rejuvenate the face and bring about a deep feeling of joy and well-being.


Irina O’Connell

Holistic Facial Therapist

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