Hypnobirthing is a deeply relaxing and effective method to allow your mind and body to work in harmony.  

It is important to know that it is not stage hypnosis!  Hypnobirthing is simply using positive language and words and putting positive thoughts about birth into our subconscious.

KGHypnobirthing is a complete birth education programme that uses various relaxation techniques such as scripts, audios, visualisations, breathing techniques and relaxation practices (which you and your birthing partner can do together).  

Using these techniques effectively replaces any tension and fear with calmness, positivity and confidence enabling you to have a relaxing and stress free birth.  

KGHypnobirthing makes a positive difference for every birth, no matter how your baby is born.  

This can be used for every kind of birth, whether natural, with pain relief or c-section.  

Along with the relaxing techniques, knowing how your body works during labour, your options for birth and where to give birth, will help you into a calm and resourceful state of mind.  Learning how to use the relaxation techniques for each stage of labour and what happens after birth (the golden hour) will give you a sense of much more agency over the birth.  We also cover how to use B.R.A.I.N.S to make decisions, how to set up your birth environment and boost those birth hormones, the role of birth partners, how the induction process work , how c-sections work and how to write your birth plan.  

By giving parents all the information and tools you need, you will have the confidence and relaxation for both pregnancy and birth as well as being well informed in order to make the right birth choices for you.

To Book Hypnobirthing with Rebecca please visit her website or email becca@beyourownbirth.co.uk


Rebecca Mills

Hypnobirthing Teacher