In Chinese Medicine grief, especially if it is prolonged, can disrupt the energy of the Lung.  In Chinese Medicine the Lung is known as the sensitive organ and when we are unable to process our grief it can disrupt the energy of the Lung, causing imbalance and disorder.  When someone is grieving, we can use acupuncture to balance the Lung energy to help people to confront their loss, help them to let go and to try and move on with their life.  Not forgetting what has happened but rather integrating it with their whole life experience.  In acupuncture we think of this as the healthy process of grieving and it can be tremendously effective.

Today is Global Wave of Light Day – it marks the end of Baby Loss Awareness Week where candles are lit to remember little ones whose tiny lives were taken really before they even began.

If you or someone you know is living with loss, acupuncture can offer help and a guiding hand now and throughout the grieving process.