Oil Pouring Therapy (also known as Shirodhara from the Sandskrit Shiro meaning head and Dhara meaning flow) is a profoundly relaxing ritual that involves the streaming of warmed, medicated oil over the forehead.  The flow of warmed oil gentle stimulates the Third Eye or Sixth Chakra and many acupressure points over the forehead to induce an almost transcendental feeling of calm.

Oil Pouring Therapy is a must if you’re feeling stressed, overwrought, have poor sleep or mood disorders such as anxiety or depression.   The therapy has been the subject of much research over the decades and shows an immediate settling of the stress hormones with the calming effects being felt up to 2 weeks after a single treatment

Oil Pouring Therapy is performed by Samantha Hamilton Stent.

Samantha Hamilton Stent

Shirodhara / Oil Pouring Therapist

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