Therapy offers a safe, confidential, empathetic and non judgemental space in which to explore difficult, painful and/or confusing feelings. This is where you will be listened to, helped to untangle your feelings, encouraged and enabled to understand them at a deeper level. Psychodynamic psychotherapy recognises that your present day problems or distress may have originated in early life experiences and the aim is for you to gain more insight and greater self awareness.

Psychotherapy and counselling here in the clinic is with our talented and experienced psychotherapist, Katharine Wray. Katharine keeps in mind that each person has their own unique set of experiences and that deciding to seek help can be either daunting or relieving, or a bit of both. Katharine understands that we can be reticent about subjecting our feelings to someone else’s scrutiny for fear of what the process might bring to light.  She explains that the relationship between therapist and client plays a vital role in any successful therapeutic work. Establishing a rapport allows the relationship to be productive for you, and helps improve your emotional well being and lends itself well to developing other meaningful relationships.

Reasons you might be considering counselling or psychotherapy:

  • Coping with stress or anxiety
  • Feeling depressed or low
  • Feeling under pressure
  • Lacking in confidence and/or self esteem
  • Trouble with making or sustaining meaningful relationships
  • Coming to terms with loss, bereavement or separation
  • Eating disorders
  • Anger
  • Unresolved issues from the past
  • Trauma, abuse and childhood neglect
  • Problems relating to sexuality or gender
  • Phobias

Katharine Wray


More Information & How to Book

To contact Katharine call 07518 381 958 or email website

Katharine is currently on maternity leave.